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Reintroduce magic to the written word

Let the magic of passion-driven excellence simplify the diverse content and media needs of your organization. Essay Mantra understands the importance of translating complex business concepts into effortlessly understandable, appealing language. We integrate highly customizable, versatile content solutions with world-class skills, all at competitive prices. 

What makes us special?

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 We work with talented content experts across the world to connect you with affordable services and high-quality expertise bar none.


Our content writers are incredibly sociable - they've never encountered a deadline they couldn’t meet.

Diverse Domains

Our subject matter experts and content team have several years of experience in 7 different domains and over 15 technical, creative, and social media/PR content formats.

Content content writers

Ensuring our colleagues enjoy work-life balance is key to Essay Mantra’s mantra. Our schedules and content agendas are designed to allow flexibility and creative freedom. 


Our SMEs and content writers collaborate in their pursuit of perfection. Delivering perfect content takes extensive research and unflinching dedication, and that’s A-OK with Maven’s mages.

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 How we assemble the quintessential ensemble

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We recognize that quality of thought, subject expertise, and command of the English language transcend all boundaries. Our multidisciplinary team is selected to aggregate professionals across geographical, socioeconomic, and professional backgrounds. As a result, the Essay Mantra team is diverse in the truest sense of the word.


Sample the spellcraft


Read samples of our work across several domains and formats here. 

Darina Sovenko 

Internet Marketing Manager, 4ib

Meet our mascot


 Maven the Magical 

Maven the Magical is our fluffy-bearded mascot. With a heart of gold and a noggin as fine and refined as the wine he fashions out of all kinds of drink, the 230-year-old wizard gracefully ages today into the corporate caress of figurative ambassadorship. Fished out of the Arabian Sea at the ripe age of 73 by a band of uncouth pirates, the then sequestered Maven was as averse to literature as his rescuers were to sanitary language. After stumbling across a dusty (stolen) tome of Dostoevsky’s best, the scruffy and sheepishly charming warlock embraced the magic of words like only a spellcaster can do. Today, much to our chagrin, he bosses around colleagues at Essay Mantra’s headquarters, clicking his tongue while condescendingly flicking his wand to spellcheck and proofread everyday deliverables, nimble as ever. Do not let Maven’s age fool you - his youth is as radiant as his fingers are sprightly on a well-polished keyboard. Join him on his daily copyediting adventures in The Wordsmith Warlock, available soon on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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